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Beside English there will be Spanish as a third language established to cover the genealogy part of the Gnädinger Homepage.

The aim of this Site is to be THE address for all GNÄDINGER's, GNAEDINGER's, GNADINGER's etc.

We will create the GNÄDINGER family tree from the first time the name has been established in 1403.

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I personly have started with genealogy back in the late 1970's. Since then I have organised at least 3 Gnädinger reunions from my own branch. Each time about 70 people showed up for the event. As the Gnädingers used to be mainly catholics at every event there was held a mess. The first two times we had the luck that our "own" bishop could attend. The farest living Gnädinger came from Argentina. After some years of other priorities I took it up again in 2000.

With the help of genealogy I could prove that where I come from ( a small quarter called Wiesholz nearby Ramsen in the Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen close to the German border) that the families lived in the different house where related to each other.

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